A bit about my Enterprise Experience

In addition to developing dozens of consumer software applications for both mobile and personal computers, I have years of experience in the enterprise space. In 2010 I was hired as one of the original members of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) new Mobility Division for my expertise running startups and my technical knowledge of iOS development. Most of my previous experience had been developing education and entertainment software destined for the consumer software market either via CD-ROM or more recently download from the emerging app stores.

It was an exciting and eye opening experience being a part of such a large organization while trying to help start a brand new division. What follows is a summary of some of the more interesting things I was involved in during my 3 years at TCS. At least those that I can talk about ;-)

  • Major contributor to the innovative user interface design, and oversaw the development of Citibank’s first customer facing iPad app. 
  • Lead development and deployment of a reusable cross platform mobile app for attendees of large conferences, including HP. 
  • Developed health care app to manage prescriptions and monitor medical status. Worked in conjunction with CVS and Walgreens. 
  • Lead the development of iPhone, iPad and Android apps for managing menus and ordering meals in restaurants.
  • Developed materials and taught TCS internal iOS training program for softwareengineering staff.
  • Lead the conversion of Boston Scientific’s PC app to monitor pacemakers to an iPad app used in the operating room.