Thanks Grandma

In the fall of 1984, when I was a Sophomore at Oregon State I was admitted to the Computer Science department. As a reward my Grandma Lyn offered to buy me a new computer for school. 

in high school I had learned to program on the Apple II's in the computer lab using BASIC and Pascal. But by this time the Apple II was already getting long in the tooth and was mostly relegated to use in grade and high schools. No Apple II for me.

At OSU in CS classes we were using all kinds of computers. There were the giant mainframes behind the glass that we programed remotely with teletype terminals. We used IBM PC's in the graphics lab to develop 3D visualization programs. Even in the drippy old basement of the CS building there was a lab of oddball networked HP mini-computers running UNIX that we programmed as we learned about operating systems and concurrency.

None of those interested me much, but wow, that Macintosh that I'd been reading about in the Macworld Magazines seemed like the future. Mice and icons and desktops, oh my. No more clumsily typing cryptic command line jargon to operate the darned things. Well, and no color, but that would come later.

I took the plunge and ordered my amazing new computer. With Grandma's help and some savings from my summer job I got the new souped up 512K Mac, plus an external disc drive and ImageWriter printer.

I loved that computer.  It was the first computer I owned and I could program it myself anytime. It got me through college with a computer science degree, and I'm still developing software for Apple platforms today.

Thanks Grandma Lyn! 

My original Mac discs. Recently rediscovered.

My original Mac discs. Recently rediscovered.

Posted on April 29, 2015 .